EDS 632 Project


What we learned in regards to NCLB:

  • NCLB is a 670 page legal document that is difficult to understand
  • NCLB is non-partisan and is undergoing some changes, but it is not going away. 
  • Government regulations are not an American phenomenon, BBC World Have Your Say
  • Federal mandates interpretations vary from state to state, district to district, maybe even school to school.

What we learned in regards to the IEP process:

  • Some school districts mandate that all IEP goals be of academic nature, others districts say no academics on preschool IEP's. 
  • Hard, measurable data is easier to track and mark progress.
  • Parents generally feel that the "school knows best" and they do not question what is on the IEP. 

What we learned in regards to "best practices":

  • We CAN engage our students in developmentally appropriate practice with confidence.
  • NCLB has good points.  We will not let others (administrators, parents, other teachers) tell us "You must do  _______ because of NCLB law."
  • We know that play is an important part of the learning process, and we are ready to defend this statement.
  • Quality preschool programs benefit children by reducing rates of retention and special education placement.  But we must have QUALITY programs for this to happen.
  • Teaching academic skills to preschoolers has the potential of doing more harm than good because it takes away young children's enthusiasm about learning.
  • Focusing so much on academic skills at the preschool level takes away from promoting creative thinking, social competence, physical and emotional well being.